“Thank you for a lovely event! I couldn’t think of a better way to spend my Mother’s Day. You both are brilliant!” ~ Sharon Talon, store manager, Lululemon Athletica Princeton “The music was wonderful, perfect for the setting we had outdoors on Saturday. I received many compliments on the sound.” ~ Dale Blair, Major GIfts Officer, WHYY “The music was perfect!  Perfectly interesting, subtle, and engaging.  Thank you so much. Hope to see you here again at the Johnson Education Center.” ~ Laurie J. Emde, Director of Operations, D&R Greenway Land Trust”

— Feedback from live performances

Finally listened to your new album. It’s beautiful. The feeling I had from the music was so sublime, connecting me back into every magic moment of this lifetime. So thank you. I hope great things come to you from this work.” - Suzin Green ~ musician, mystic, healer, teacher
Busy people need your music to discover how to pause and relax -- even as they go about their understandably busy lives. I first heard this music as I was moving through my to-do list at home - watering plants. After the first few cuts I found myself slowing down a little to enjoy nurturing each plant - many of which I've tended for more than 20 years. A chore became a delight, to focus on the miracles of nature made healthy with something as simple as water. As your lively yet also soulful rhythms seeped deeper into my senses I paused to appreciate the joy and skill you both share with your audience. I tapped into this positive energy at a time when I was healing from a setback in my year long recovery from a back injury. While others may tune in to your vibrant sounds, and while not involved in healing or tasks, I believe it's quite possible they will find the sounds you send us through your music are tendrils reaching them on a frequency that let's us catch up with ourselves and experience the paradox of peacefulness in action. Bless your hearts.” - Nance Guilmartin ~ author, speaker
There is a new CD just released by Turiya that is simply fantastic. The album is entitled The Transcendent State, but don’t confuse the title with New Age music, even thought it might fit into the genre. The music creates its own special universe, one filled with contrasts, contradictions and gentle drama. It is both peaceful and exciting. It is full of melodic structures, but with a minimalistic approach to melody. It seems to move spaciously, yet is rhythmically full of complex grooves that carry you along, through a journey, one whose destination doesn’t seem to matter, because the space you are in is so enjoyable and easy to live with. It seems to be influenced by Indian Classical music in the way the forms move, but it is unique unto itself. There is something very new here, original and fresh. The instruments on this CD are not common ones for the most part. Halo, hang, hapi, kalimba, cajonito, udu, Zen tambour, tabla (and keyboards and percussion) are played by two extraordinary musicians, Karttikeya, and Vincent Pierce Smith. The ensemble is seamless, as if it were one mind, one complete gesture, flowing together in a world that is ever-lasting and ever-changing. I love this album and so will you.” - Robert Fritz ~ author, composer, film maker, inspirational speaker
I love this CD! It’s as interesting as it is inspired. Turiya’s cool, driving beats are primal, or even tribal. Yet, these artists skillfully mixed a deep weaving of rhythms with tastefully subdued, beautifully wrapping melodies, improvisations and textures that seem to settle right in and calm the soul, resulting in a journey that’s as meditative as it is energetic. The genre is difficult to define while it even moves into the realm of fusion at times. This unique blend of rare instrumentation and fresh approach is unlike anything I’ve heard so it’s anything but cliché. I’ve been listening a lot and so I’m having a difficult time turning the music off (even when the CD is not playing), yet every time I go back to explore further I find something completely new. The energy created here will be gracing many yoga and dance practices, I imagine. Go in and enjoy!” - Angela Cavallaro ~ singer, musician, composer